Pisces East Taurus  The Awakening Time: FALCON
              Birth dates:
21 March - 19 April
Earth influence: Awakening time
Influencing wind: The East Winds
Totem: Eagle
Direction: North  East
Predominant Element: Fire
Elemental clan: Hawk (Fire) Clan
Function: to initiate
Birth and animal totem: Falcon
Plant totem: Dandelion
Mineral totem: Opal
Polarity totem: Crow
Affinity colour: Yellow/Green
Musical vibration: C sharp
Personality: Active. Forceful. Impetuous
Feelings: Quickly aroused
Intention: Activity - new beginings
Nature: Impulsive
Positive traits: Enterprising. Pioneering. Adventurous. Affable.
Negative traits: Selfish. Egotistical. Impatient. Ostentatious.
Sex-drive: Easily aroused. Quick, fiery and passionate
Compatibilities: Salmon and Owls
Concious aim: to initiate and lead
Subconcious desire: Knowledge through personal experience
Life-path: Establishment of individuality through discernment
I Ching trigram: Chien. Heaven. Success through effort
Must cultivate: Patience. Persistence. Compassion.
Must avoid: Vanity. Conceit. Intolerance.
Spiritual alchemy: Yang predominates
Starting totems: Falcon Eagle  Hawk Dandelion Opal Crow


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