Gemini South Leo          The Long Days Time: WOODPECKER
              Birth dates:
21 June - 21 July
Earth influence: Long days time
Influencing wind: The South Winds
Totem: Mouse
Direction: South  South  East
Predominant Element: Water
Elemental clan: Frog (Water) Clan
Function: to merge
Birth and animal totem: Woodpecker
Plant totem: Wild Rose
Mineral totem: rose quartz
Polarity totem: Goose
Affinity colour: Rose
Musical vibration: F natural
Personality: Emotional. Sensitive. Protective. Vulnerable
Feelings: Maternal / Paternal. Romantic
Intention: Devotion
Nature: Exacting
Positive traits: Imagimative. Tender. Thrifty. Sympathetic
Negative traits: Possesive. Moody. Unforgiving
Sex-drive: Needful
Compatibilities: Snake  Wolf and Beaver
Concious aim: Emotional unfoldment
Subconcious desire: Timeliness
Life-path: Assimilation
I Ching trigram: Tui. Lake. Desire for contentment
Must cultivate: Intuitiveness. Resourcefulness. Forgiveness
Must avoid: Self pity. Envy. Possessiveness
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates
Starting totems: woodpecker Mouse  Frog Wild-Rose Rose-Quartz Goose


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