Taurus East Cancer           The Flowering Time: DEER
              Birth dates:
21 May - 20 June
Earth influence: The Flowering Time
Influencing wind: The East Winds
Totem: Eagle
Direction: South  East
Predominant Element: Air with Fire
Elemental clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan
Function: to co-ordinate the contradictory in their lives into balance and harmony
Birth and animal totem: Deer
Plant totem: Mullein
Mineral totem: Agate
Polarity totem: Owl
Affinity colour: orange
Musical vibration: E natural
Personality: Quick. Alert. Talkative. Congenial. Moody.
Feelings: sensitive but superficial
Intention: versatility
Nature: Lively
Positive traits: Friendly. Witty. Intellectual
Negative traits: Inconsistent. Restless. Lazy. Despondent
Sex-drive: titilating
Compatibilities: Crows and Otters
Concious aim: to bring together
Subconcious desire: mastery of mind
Life-path: co-ordination
I Ching trigram: Tui The joyful lake. Success comes through endurance
Must cultivate: Concentration. Presistence. Sympathy.
Must avoid: Moodiness. Inconsistency. Superficial
Spiritual alchemy: Yang predominates
Starting totems: Deer Eagle  Butterfly Mullein Agate Owl

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