Cancer South Virgo                    The Ripening Time: SALMON
              Birth dates:
22 July - 22 August
Earth influence: The Ripening Time
Influencing wind: The South Winds
Totem: Mouse
Direction: South
Predominant Element: Fire with Water
Elemental clan: Hawk (Fire) Clan
Function: to do
Birth and animal totem: Salmon
Plant totem: Raspberry
Mineral totem: Carnelian
Polarity totem: Otter
Affinity colour: Red
Musical vibration: F sharp
Personality: Proud. Energetic. Confident. Enthusiastic
Feelings: Passionate. Intense
Intention: Rulership
Nature: Demanding
Positive traits: Generous. Magnanimous. Creative
Negative traits: Domineering. Arrogant. Dogmatic. Intolerant
Sex-drive: Insatiable
Compatibilities: Owls and Falcons
Concious aim: to rule
Subconcious desire: Emotional stability
Life-path: to find purpose
I Ching trigram: K'an. Water. Desire for consistency
Must cultivate: Tolerance. Sound judgement. Emotional stability
Must avoid: Arrogance. Egotism. Pomposity. Indolence
Spiritual alchemy: Yang predominates
Starting totems: Salmon Mouse  Hawk Raspberry. Carnelian. Otter


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