Virgo West Scorpio           The Falling Leaves Time: CROW
              Birth dates:
22 September - 22 October
Earth influence:
The Falling Leaves Time
Influencing wind: The West Winds
Totem: Grizzly bear
Direction: South-west
Predominant Element: Air with Earth
Elemental clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan
Function: Initiating ideas
Birth and animal totem: Crow
Plant totem: Ivy
Mineral totem: Azurite
Polarity totem: Falcon
Affinity colour: Blue
Musical vibration: A natural
Personality: Charming. Friendly, Good-natured. Tolerant.
Feelings: Sensitive
Intention: Justice
Nature: Co-operative
Positive traits: Idealistic. Romantic. Diplomatic.
Negative traits: Indecisive. Frivolous. Gullible. Resentful.
Sex-drive: Strong
Compatibilities: Otter and Deer
Concious aim: Partnership
Subconcious desire: Harmony and beauty
Life-path: Harmonisation
I Ching trigram: Chen. Thunder. Desire for achievement
Spiritual alchemy: Yang predminates
Must cultivate: Decisiveness. Constancy. Impartiality. Inspiration
Must avoid: Indecision. Uncertianty. Inconsistancy
Starting totems: Crow. Grizzly bear  Butterfly Ivy. Azurite. Falcon


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