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              Birth dates:
19 February - 20 March
Earth influence:
The Blustery Winds Time
Influencing wind: The North Winds
Totem: Buffalo
Direction: North  North  East
Predominant Element: Water with Air
Elemental clan: Frog (Water) Clan
Birth and animal totem: Wolf
Plant totem: Plantain
Mineral Totem: Jade
Polarity totem: Brown bear
Affinity colour: Blue/Green
Musical vibration: F sharp an octave above salmon
Personality: Compassionate. Benevolent. Generous. Artistic. Gentle
Feelings: deep
Intention: understanding
Nature: Trusting
Positive traits: Sympathetic. Adaptable. Impressionable. Sensitive
Negative traits: Impractical. Vauge. Timid. Indecisive
Sex-drive: Tender
Compatibilities: Woodpeckers  Brown bears and Snakes
Concious aim: Freedom
Subconcious desire: Identity
Life-path: Love
I Ching trigram: Ch'ien. The Creative Heaven. Changing of desire into reality
Must cultivate: Intuition. Creativity. Understanding
Must avoid: Timidity. Indolence. Impracticality
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates
Starting totems: Wolf Buffalo  Frog Plantain Jade Brown bear


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