The Vital Sign Band

Green Machine III CD Album almost 70 minutes of Free Music!

Track 3-01  download   size 6Mb.   Title: Angry  

Track 3-02  download   size 17Mb.   Title: Fire Mountain   lyrics

Track 3-03  download   size 5.0Mb.   Time: 9'56"   Title:  Nothin's Gonna Last   lyrics

Track 3-04  download   size 4Mb.   Title: Soldier Of Peace   lyrics

Track 3-05  download   size 4Mb.   Title: Never  

Track 3-06  download   size 4Mb.   Title: Your Stepping On My Soul  

Track 3-07  download   size 4Mb.   Title: There Is No Other Way  

Track 3-08  download   size 8Mb.   Title: Revenge  

Track 3-09  download   size 1Mb.   Title: Everything   lyrics

Track 3-10  download   size 7Mb.   Title: All Along The WatchTower  

Track 3-11  download   size 7Mb.   Title: Looking  

Track 3-12  download   size 7Mb.   Title: Night Train  

Track 3-13  download   size 9Mb.   Title: City Streets Tribe Blues  

Track 3-14  download   size 1Mb.   Time: 1'18"   Title: Mandala   lyrics

Other mp3 Downloads lower bit-rate, 6 free tracks:

Trackdownload   size 5.0Mb.   Time: 9'56"   Title:  Nothin's Gonna Last   LYRICS  Re-Released under Creative Commons Licence 2007

Track B  download   size 3.5Mb.   Time: 3'41"   Title:  Soldier of Peace   LYRICS  Re-Released under Creative Commons Licence 2007

Track C  download   size 3.1Mb.   Time: 3'xx"   Title:  Never    Re-Released under Creative Commons Licence 2007

Trackdownload   size  1.7Mb.   Time: 1'18"   Title:  Mandala   LYRICS

Trackdownload   size  2.7Mb.   Time: x'xx"   Title:  Saturday Nite  

Trackdownload   size  2.1Mb.   Time: x'xx"   Title: Rythum and Rhyme  

Ogg Vorbis Downloads - Free Music in open-source .ogg Format:

Track No. 1   download   size  3.6Mb   Time: 3'13"   Title:  Nothing  

Track No. 2   download   size  6.6Mb   Time: 5'51"   Title:  Angry  

Track No. 3   download   size  3.5Mb   Time: 3'09"   Title:  Steppin On My Soul  

Track No. 4   download   size 16.6Mb.   Time:14'27"   Title:  Just a matter of Time  

Track No. 5   download   size  6.4Mb   Time: 5'44"   Title:  Take a Fall  

Track No. 6   download   size  8.3Mb   Time: 7'11"   Title:  Hey!  

Track No. 7   download   size  9.4Mb   Time: 8'17"   Title:  Everything   LYRICS

Track No. 8   download   size  9.2Mb   Time: 8'09"   Title:  Never  

Track No. 9   download   size 17.4Mb   Time:14'49"   Title:  Fire Mountain & cannot join your Society   LYRICS

Track No. 10  download   size  3.9Mb   Time: 3'41"   Title:  Soldier of Peace   LYRICS

Track No. 11  download   size 12.9Mb.   Time:10'58"   Title:  The River   Solo Acoustic.

Track No. 12  download   size 11.0Mb.   Time: 9'56"   Title:  Nothin's Gonna Last   LYRICS

Track No. 13  download   size  7.0Mb.   Time: 6'13"   Title:  A Better Life  

Track No. 14  download   size  9.2Mb.   Time: 8'31"   Title:  City Streets  

Track No. 15  download   size  6.7Mb.   Time: 6'08"   Title:  Night Train  

Track No. 16  download   size  800Kb.   Time: 1'18"   Title:  Mandala   LYRICS

For more info and to get set up to use the Ogg Vorbis format visit   or

Some tracks are taken from master tapes of our Free Cassette Album, entitled Green Machine. Released in 1981. Other recordings never previously released. Digitally Re-Mastered in 2000. Published 2003-2014 on CD and in mp3 & ogg formats.

One off - Improvised performances. Recorded live at the University of Exeter 1980 - 1981

            "Rainbow" Ron Dragon  Paul Hannis   - Vocal and Guitars.
From the first Windsor Free Festival, and the early Stonehenge Free Festivals. Previously the singer for a quite big early 70's band from Exeter, Tribe, who toured Germany. On the Peace Convoy. Paul was a Gemini, on acid! Was with Nick Turners All Stars at Glastonbury Festival in 90's. Played a gig at Exeter Phoenix 2003
June Player      - Violin and Synthesiser, backing Vocals.
Became singer with Garbage Grinders, who supported Ozric Tentacles, in London 86 - 87. Then sang with Purple Algae. (Mike did their mixing).
            Stuart Barker    - Drums.
Previously Drummer with Gramophobia. Qualified Art Teacher, from Saint Lukes College, Exeter.
            Mike Bouckley  - Bass Guitar.
Festivaling since 1971 Stonehenge 78 - 80. Worked as qualified Electronics Technician at University of Exeter at the time recordings made. Became a New Age Traveller. Glastonbury Festival 80 - 94 and on the site crew 89 - 94.

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