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  Elemental Power - WOOD
    Wood is the 5th element.
The center of the wheel
Representing Life.
    The other elements:

Fire   Water   Earth   Air

Wood is a natural and renewable resource. In the quest for sustainability, wood is good as a building material, if it comes from forestry where replanting is practiced. Paper would be better made from hemp than wood, as more can be grown per annum per Hectare, and fewer chemicals are needed in the process. Part of the current carbon-cycle, wood is also OK to burn, as needed for cooking or heating; especially in an efficient stove.

Oak logs will warm you well, that are old and dry Logs of Pine will sweetly smell, but the sparks will fly Birch logs will burn too fast, Chestnut scarce at all Hawthorn logs are good to last, cut them in the fall Holly and Olive logs will burn like wax, you may burn them green Elm logs like to smoldering flax, no flame to be seen Beech logs for wintertime, Yew logs as well Green Elder logs it is a crime for any man to sell Pear logs and Apple logs they will scent your room Cherry logs accross the dogs smell like flower of broom Ash logs smooth and grey, burn them green or old Buy up all that come your way, worth their weight in gold

Beech wood will bring good cheer if the logs are kept a year

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