Scorpio West Capricorn          The Long Nights Time: OWL
              Birth dates:
23 November - 21 December
Earth influence: Long nights time
Influencing wind: The West Winds
Totem: Grizzly Bear
Direction: North West
Predominant Element: Fire with Earth
Elemental clan: Hawk (Fire) Clan
Function: Changing things
Birth and animal totem: Owl
Plant totem: Mistltoe
Mineral Totem: Obsidian
Polarity totem: Deer
Affinity colour: Gold
Musical vibration: C sharp
Personality: Jovial. Warm hearted. Adventurous. Independant
Feelings: warm
Intention: objectivity
Nature: Sincere
Positive traits: Versatile. Adaptable. Scroupulous
Negative traits: Restless. Tactless. Boisterous
Sex-drive: Adventurous
Compatibilities: Falcons and Salmon
Concious aim: understanding
Subconcious desire: determination
Life-path: Elevation
I Ching trigram: Ken. The Still Mountain. The need for singleness of purpose
Must cultivate: Concentration. Optimism. Enthusiasm
Must avoid: Over-indulgence. Exageration. Greed
Spiritual alchemy: Yang and Yin balanced
Starting totems: Owl Grizzly bear  Hawk Mistletoe Obsidian Deer


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