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  The Mayan prediction for 2012 may be an incorrect interpretation. It now seems unlikely that 2012 will be the end of the world.
What happens on 21st of December is a celestial alignment. The Sun rises aligned in, and with the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. At 30 degrees North or South, eg. at The Giza Pyramids, the Galaxy rises horizontally, aligned with the eastern horizon at Sunrise. This is a 640000 year cycle repeating. See Sky View
The way society has been living, and prospering over the past 60 or so years, has been clearly unsustainable, and cannot be taken for granted, infact is unlikely to continue. It has moved from Climate Change to Climate Chaos. Global Warming causing more extremes of weather. Ice melt is causing the Earths equator to get wider, and more severe Earthquakes as the water redistributes the weight. Make no mistake about it

"World War 3"

started around the time of 9/11 back in 2001. Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, stated in his letter to the American people, that the attack was in response to American Gunships shelling tower blocks of flats in Beirut. A long standing and unresolved conflict in the Middle East revolves around the creation of the state of Israel, in Arab occupied Palestine, and the deplorable situation in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, which extremist right-wing Israelites have created. And the claim for, by both Jew and Palestinian, of the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

"World War 3"

America has stumbled in to it, the Political/Economic/Military establishment who wanted to spend more dollars on the defense industry, after the demise of the Cold War a decade earlier.
America, often referred to as the "Great Satan" in Muslim communities; is Politically corrupt, Financially corrupt, and Economically bankrupt . Although a mainly Christian People, the Americans are both admired and despised by Muslims for being a morally weak society, with lax laws, allowing, for example, pornography on the Media, and acceptance of Homo-Sexuality.
Einstein said forget about Nuclear Fission, but fear of the Nazis in WW2 provoked America to develop the Atomic bomb then the Hydrogen Bomb and Neutron bombs. America is the only country to have used Nuclear Weapons in wartime, against Japan, with horrific consequences. Now Japan faces possible evacuation because of the release of radioactivity from Fukushima. Another big earthquake there and we could all be doomed.
Israel may be tempted to launch another attack on Iran, to again try to prevent Iran obtaining Nuclear Weapons from its Nuclear Power programme. This time many of the Iranian nuclear sites are hardened, or underground. Probably Israel would need American participation for such a sketchy scenario to succeed. The risk of setting Nuclear Weapons flying off is high.
One has to burn Uranium, in a Reactor, to obtain Plutonium to make Nuclear Bombs. That is the only real justification for Nuclear Power.
Technology could come to the rescue. Nuclear Fusion may be the ultimate answer to World fuel shortage, using water as fuel.
The Anunnaki Gods (who created Man and Time) ruled the Earth until 1560BC, used water-fueled transporters, which could fly around the globe and out into Space.
The Anunnaki Gods witnessed a previous Ice-melt of Antarctica, (there are ancient maps of the continent) - the Flood.
The Annunaki Gods attacked Sodom and Gomorrah with Nuclear weapons, making the Dead Sea.
A word used in the original Bible can be translated as either "Salt" or "Vapor". Although there are pillars of salt in that region, Lots wife was Vaporized. Marduk (aka Ra) and Allah remained on Earth for some time. Allah was the first of the Anunnaki to be born on Earth, and most beloved by his people in ancient Sumaria, Mesopotamia, now Iraq.
2012 may be remembered as the pivotal year when all humanity realises just what is happening to our Earth environment. Climate Change - Global Warming, and the Post-Glacial rebound Effect is re-distributing weight around the planet, and pressing the Ocean floor, causing more Earthquakes like the Sendai.
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